I was firstly introduced into Agile by Mr. Pete Lindow. After several years performing as agile coach, I realized that mastery in the teams is a pillar that has been neglected in the agile evolution. I decided to contribute to mastery by going back to one of the origins of Agile: eXtreme Programming. I’d say that three main items have contributed:

  • 7 minutes 26 seconds: imho one of the best tech inspirational videos in youtube
  • Onsite Microservices training course by Sander Hoogendoorn
  • Clean code: Just before COVID lock down in March 2020 I discovered Uncle Bob video series about Clean Code

The best way to learn something is learning by teaching. This blog does not pretend to impose or define anything. Its purpose is to share learnings obtained after my research and analysis of the different topics exposed.
COVID-19 lockdown raised new challenges, forcing most of us to reconsider, to rethink the way of working.